Our range of sleepsuits are infused with microcapsules of nature’s purest, most efficient moisturisers and skin conditioners.


The micro-capsules are activated by movement, friction or rubbing motions, which causes them to burst open releasing their contents. The novel binder system together with technically engineered fragrances and active ingredients ensure that the benefits of Hydra Active technology last for multiple washes.

Carefully crafted using a combination of hydrating active ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Sea Kelp, containing over 50 essential nutrients, all of our sleepsuits continue to help keep skin feel moisturised for up to 30 washes.

Women's Sleep Suit

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  • Due to the protective quality of this technology, users can enjoy the use of essential textile products that are fresh, clean and hygienic.


    All products are wash durable for 200 washes at 80 degrees.