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We’ve partnered with luxury spa brand Ila to develop aromatherapy infused textiles to enhance the sleep experience.

A unique blend of Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium has been created by the award winning Ila team to provide a calming and relaxing aromatherapy essence to our range of sleepsuits, pillows and eyemasks.

A good night’s sleep is essential to delivering a good customer journey.


The modern traveller interacts with hundreds of textile products every day. This includes everything from airline sleepsuits, headrest covers and napkins to hotel bedding, towels and slippers.

At Hydra Active we believe these interactions are a unique opportunity for brands to enhance customer experience by providing key benefits such as hydration, anti-bacterial defence or sleep enhancement.


Hydra Active Defence uses silver technology to provide protection against odour and germs through a combination of silver and  malodour control technologies.  Silver is a safe and natural anti-microbial compound that adds an extra layer of germ defence to on-board textiles such as meal service napkins, headrest covers and pillows.  Wash durable for 200 washes at 80 degrees.


The technology has been dermatologically tested and found to be a safe mechanism to transfer active ingredients to skin. It has also been eco-tested, and when applied to textiles, passes the Oekotex 100 standard.


Hydra Active has been designed specifically to help combat dry skin during air travel where humidity levels can plummet from 80% to 20%.


Our range of sleepsuits are infused with microcapsules of nature’s purest, most efficient moisturisers and skin conditioners.


Carefully crafted using a combination of hydrating active ingredients, including Sea Kelp, containing over 50 essential nutrients, all of our sleepsuits continue to help keep skin feeling moisturised for at least 30 washes following a flight.


Bespoke Design

Hydra Active’s team of in-house designers will work to create your own branded, bespoke Hydra Active products to suit your brand and customer, and at no extra cost.

With a host of different materials, styles and benefits to choose from – we can produce the perfect Hydra Active product that is unique to your business and customer.




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Hydra Active™ Defence is scientifically proven to provide anti-microbial benefits to on-board and in-room textiles. The technology can be applied to a number of products including sleepsuits, bath towels, bedding, cushion covers; and blankets to protect against odour and germs.

Due to the protective quality of this technology, passengers and guests can enjoy the use of essential textile products that are fresh, clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of passing on unsafe bacteria from passenger to passenger. All products are wash durable for 200 washes at 80 degrees. This is the future of customer welfare.